634EARS’ flagship model, “LOAK,” has been revamped.

Housing and Driver Configuration)

Front Housing: Titanium,
Body Housing: Stainless Steel (Only the MMCX part is resin),
Rear Housing: Various types of wood (In CL models, stainless steel, brass, and copper are also available),
Dynamic Driver x1.

LOAK2 has been crafted by machining titanium and stainless steel to create a housing shape similar to the comfortable MIROAK-II. In the titanium front housing, stainless steel is used for damping and driver fixation, while the drivers feature a carbon diaphragm for faster and more substantial movements, resulting in a dynamic yet delicate sound. The MMCX connectors are made of resin, positioned outside the housing to ensure no impact on sound quality.

Please refer to each product’s respective product page for detailed information.

Sound Comparison)

LOAK2(OP) has a thinner and lighter sound, with a crisp and distinct profile. Additionally, it features lighter bass and a spacious soundstage, creating a pleasant listening experience. Its sound can be likened to a blend of the old LOAK-T(OP) and LOAK-T(CL).

LOAK2(CL), on the other hand, offers a thicker and more powerful sound compared to (OP), with a slightly closer soundstage. It boasts strong bass and a sense of force and thickness in the sound. Among the old LOAK models, it is most similar to LOAK-TC and gives the impression of being an upscale version of MIROAK-II.

For further reference, please consult the comparison chart below, which includes comparisons with other models (click to enlarge).

You may find the comparison with LOAK-PROTOTYPE01 particularly intriguing. The titanium-bodied PROTOTYPE01 offers a strikingly dynamic and sharp sound with rapid attack and quick decay, accompanied by a substantial tonal thickness. In contrast, LOAK2 provides a more serious tonal quality with greater versatility, making it compatible with various music genres without any distinctive bias.

Moreover, in terms of craftsmanship, LOAK2, which is machined rather than 3D printed like PROTOTYPE, exhibits higher precision and overall build quality, resulting in a superior finished product.

For those who already own older LOAK models or MIROAK-II, it might be beneficial to select a model that complements your existing setup without redundancy. For instance, if you own MIROAK-II, allowing you to enjoy a different sound by opting for LOAK2(OP) or PROTOTYPE.

For a more detailed explanation of each individual model, please see the following blog post.



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