Thank you for orderingLOAK2,LOAK-PROTOTYPE.
Here are the instructions and precautions for handling LOAK2,LOAK-PROTOTYPE.

Table of Contents)
1) Basic manual for earphones.
2) About fitting MIROAK-II.
3) Handling of Resin Parts.
4) About coloring brass and copper (care and precautions).
5) Replacement Cable.

1) Basic manual for earphones.

Please refer to the ”User’s Manual“ for a basic manual.

2) About fitting LOAK2,LOAK-PROTOTYPE.

The LOAK2 & LOAK-PROTOTYPE earphones are designed to be worn with the cable looped over the ears. If the fit isn’t right, trying different ear tips suited for you might help. However, as the casing needs to touch the ears to dampen vibrations, if the ear tips cause the earphones to be suspended in the air, the sound might become weak.

3)  Handling of Resin Parts.

The black body casing is made from ABS resin material. This resin material is coated with black paint.

While the coating is applied and coated, using alcohol, thinner, or similar solvents for cleaning can cause the paint to peel off. Once it peels off, it cannot be repaired, so please be cautious.

Resin Care)
Care is simple and only requires dry wiping with a soft cloth. Special cleaners are not necessary.

4) About coloring brass and copper (care and precautions).

The coloring of brass and copper by Momentum Factory Orii is also a special coloring process that utilizes rust, like the blackening of stainless steel.

Wiping off with thinner, alcohol, or light-removing liquid will cause the color to fade. Never use them.

Care of brass and copper colored metals)
Brass and copper are coated, so it is sufficient to wipe them dry or wipe them with a small amount of oil (rust-preventive oil, olive oil, etc.).

5) Replacement Cable.

As the cable is detachable with MMCX, you can use the earphones by attaching cables other than the provided ones. However, it’s important to note that MMCX connectors may look similar but come in various types.

There are different types, such as those with a thicker or longer center pin, and variations in the shape of the MMCX part. If you attach a slightly different MMCX cable to the earphones, the MMCX on the earphone side can easily break, leading to issues such as poor contact, interrupted sound, or no sound at all.

Most earphone malfunctions occur when using different types of MMCX connectors in the MMCX part. While it is possible to repair by replacing the MMCX part, it might involve significant repair costs as it may require reconstructing the earphones. Therefore, it is crucial to be especially cautious to avoid such situations.

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