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1) 634ears is “built-to-order”.
We will start making the earphones after we confirm your payment.

2) Each one is handmade, so it takes about a month from the time you place your order until it ships.
(It may take 2 weeks at the earliest, and more than a month and a half at the latest.)
The current delivery time will be communicated to you when you place your order.

3) Payment is via PayPal.

4) Some countries may not ship to.
In that case, you cannot order.

6) Trade-in services are also available, but only if purchased directly from 634EARS (purchases from distributors are not eligible).
The customer will be responsible for the shipping costs of returning the earphones if the trade-in service is used.

Currently, there are authorized distributors of 634EARS in Taiwan and Singapore. If they have stock available, you can make purchases through these distributors.

Taiwan: FINPO

Singapore Distributor: AV ONE
The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street, #01-10
Singapore 179803

6337 0080
8611 8383

Email: sales@av1group.com.sg
Website: www.av1group.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/av1group
Instagram: www.instagram.com/av1group

You can also email us directly.