About 634ears(English)

My name is Musashi and I am the owner of 634ears.
634ears is a hand crafted small earphone lab.

The 634 is pronounced “Rokusanyon” in Japan.
And “634” is also read as “Musashi”.
I named them 634ears after my name.

About the earphones made by 634ears.

I mainly make dynamic driver earphones.
This is because I like the sound of dynamic drivers.
I like to enjoy listening to music as “music” rather than listening to it analytically as “sound”. So I really like the sound of dynamic driver earphones.

There is another reason why I mainly use dynamic drivers.
There are a lot of people who make earphones and a lot of know-how has been established, but there is very little know-how that can be clearly quantified for dynamic driver earphones.
I am fascinated by this untapped area, and I am learning the know-how of earphones through trial and error, one by one.

The particulars of 634ears.

At 634ears, I (Musashi) make the earphones that I myself want.
Therefore, I don’t make earphones that sell well or are popular according to the trends or the market.

I just make what I want and make earphones for people who are interested in them.

Reasons for using wood.

In 634ears, I often use wood for the housing of the earphones.
Unlike metal, there are many different types of wood, and even the same type of wood has individual differences.
No two pieces of wood are the same, which means that each piece of wood has a slightly different sound.

It’s great to have a complete sound for each model, but it’s also interesting to have a few percent that is unknown until it’s finished.

There is also the fun of choosing the wood. It is also possible to create your own unique original. It is very attractive.

The unique sound of wood that cannot be found in metal or resin is very wonderful.

Recently, with the advancement of technology, there are many inexpensive earphones with good sound.
So the 634ears earphones may not be the best value for money.
They are not as good as the mass-produced earphones from major manufacturers in terms of cost and equipment used.

However, 634ears will dare to create something different and attractive by making each earphone by hand.

Since I am basically doing everything by myself, I am sure there are some things I am not good at, but I would like to convey the enjoyment of music and sound to everyone through earphones.

Musashi (634)


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