634ears Manual (English)

This is a manual (English).

1) Attaching and detaching cables

Please refer to this page
→ https://634ears.com/blog/mmcx/

– Do not pull on the cable.
– Remove the joint by pinching it.

2) Case and Cable

Cables are stored in the case with room to spare.
Be careful not to roll the cable too small or it will become a habit.

3) How to remove the eartips.

4) How to care for earphones.

Normal care is to wipe it dry with a soft cloth.
Occasionally, you can try the following care methods

Polishing metal parts with a “metal polishing cloth” will make small scratches and faded colors shine.

Wood parts can be polished with “oil” or “beeswax” to make them shiny and protect them.

Do not wipe with a liquid de-icer or anything containing alcohol.
Do not use glass coatings.

Be careful not to apply too much oil. Just a little is enough.
It is also a good idea to protect colored metal with oil from time to time.

5) Distinguishing between left and right earphones and how to wear them.

The earphones have the logo engraved on the right side only. Please use it as a landmark to identify the left and right side.

Basically, the cable is worn hanging over the ear. (Only some models are worn with the cable hanging downwards.)

6) About repairs

If an earphone malfunctions, I will repair it. (*However, shipping costs from overseas to 634EARS in Japan must be borne by the customer.)

Free repair is not applicable when using MMCX cables of a different standard from our own cables, when using a self-made amplifier, intentional damage, or disassembly.

In most cases other than these, repairs can be done free of charge. (You will be responsible for the return shipping costs of the earphones to be repaired.)

If a past model is not repairable due to lack of parts, I may replace it with another model that I can manufacture today.

*Most repairs are due to damaged or malfunctioning MMCX plugs caused by using different standard MMCX cables. There are various types of MMCX cables. Please be careful not to use MMCX cables with thick center pins, long MMCX cables, or MMCX cables that are too tight to pull out and insert.

– About 634ears

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Musashi(634).
I have been making earphones as a hobby. At first I was making custom IEMs.
I like the sound of earphones with dynamic drivers, so I mainly make earphones with dynamic drivers.

In the process, I wanted to share the joy of earphones with everyone, so I started my own business as 634ears.
We are not well known and I am a small manufacturer, but we make each product by hand with great care.

I am conscious of making “the sound I like” and “the earphones I want” without compromise, not the sound that sells.

Thank you for your interest.
Let’s enjoy a wonderful earphone life, a life with music!


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