634ears Manual (English)

This is a manual for overseas users.

1) Attaching and detaching cables

Please refer to this page
→ https://634ears.com/blog/mmcx/

– Do not pull on the cable.
– Remove the joint by pinching it.

2) Case and Cable

Cables are stored in the case with room to spare.
Be careful not to roll the cable too small or it will become a habit.

3) How to remove the earpiece

4) Earphone Care

Normal care is to wipe it dry with a soft cloth.
Occasionally, you can try the following care methods

Polishing metal parts with a “metal polishing cloth” will make small scratches and faded colors shine.

Wood parts can be polished with “oil” or “beeswax” to make them shiny and protect them.

5) Description of each earphone (8iTE & OBER)


Features of “OBER”

Solid and tight sound
Cool tone
Clear and edgy sound
Quiet and beautiful sound

Very tight and smart sound, but hard and cool sound. Stainless steel housing machined in Japan produces a beautiful sound. Smoothly extended high frequencies and female vocals are also attractive.

– 8iTE

Features of “8iTE”

Delicate mid and high frequencies
Soft, enveloping bass
Easy listening without peaks
Rich resonance
Good balance

The 8iTE features sharp, delicate highs and soft bass. The emphasis is on “resonance” and “ease of listening” rather than speed and solidity, and the earphones have a good fit.
Materials include “stainless steel,” “brass,” and “titanium,” all of which are processed in Japan.

Since the metal is not plated, the aging of the metal material itself will give it an antique accessory-like atmosphere as it is used.

Also, the stainless steel and titanium models have a “C-ring” that allows you to slightly adjust the sound.

For more information on C-rings, please see the following

C-ring (8iTE)

Plugging a hole with a C-ring
→The bass will increase a little, and the high frequency peaks will become a little more pronounced. Bass is 80-90%.

Plugging a hole with a C-ring

Do not cover the hole with a C-ring.
→A little less bass, more open feeling. Bass is 70-80%.

Do not cover the hole with a C-ring

C-ring tricks of the trade.

Seal the holes with tape or other material.

Seal the holes with tape or other material.
This will give you 100% bass.

– About 634ears

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Musashi(634).
I have been making earphones as a hobby. At first I was making custom IEMs.
I like the sound of earphones with dynamic drivers, so I mainly make earphones with dynamic drivers.

In the process, I wanted to share the joy of earphones with everyone, so I started my own business as 634ears.
We are not well known and I am a small manufacturer, but we make each product by hand with great care.

I am conscious of making “the sound I like” and “the earphones I want” without compromise, not the sound that sells.

Thank you for your interest.
Let’s enjoy a wonderful earphone life, a life with music!




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