The LOAK-PROTOTYPE series is a new LOAK born during the production process of LOAK2.

Housing and Driver Configuration)

Front Housing: Titanium,
Body Housing: Titanium,
Rear Housing: Various types of wood (In LP01 models, stainless steel, brass, and copper are also available),
Dynamic Driver x1.

The PROTOTYPE shares the same housing shape as LOAK2, with the front housing also made of titanium, but the body housing is titanium as well. Unlike LOAK2’s machining, PROTOTYPE is created using 3D printing technology. The use of titanium material in the body housing results in a very quick and substantial response due to air compression within the rear housing, creating dynamic sound with a strong, fast attack while maintaining excellent sharpness. The driver is the same as in LOAK2, and the MMCX section follows a similar design, positioned outside the housing to prevent any impact on sound quality.

While it offers excellent sound quality, the production using titanium and 3D printing lacks the precision of stainless steel machining. Due to potential dimensional inconsistencies resulting from processes like polishing, the surface is lightly sandblasted for a uniform appearance. As the name suggests, PROTOTYPE strongly emphasizes its experimental nature, yet it was chosen for sale due to its exceptional sound quality at this stage.

Please refer to each product’s respective product page for detailed information.

Sound Comparison)

The sound slightly varies between PROTOTYPE01 (LP01) and PROTOTYPE02 (LP02) or 03 (LP03).
LP01 shares a similar tuning with LOAK2(CL) for the driver section, but it stands out with excellent resolution and a clear yet resonant sound. It offers a musical and enjoyable sound impression, with slightly more pronounced mid to high frequencies, contributing to its lively character. A good balance between the sense of spaciousness and the quantity of bass.

LP02 features a thicker and slightly relaxed, warm sound. It possesses rich resonance spanning from the mid to low frequencies up to the mid to high frequencies, adding an intriguing emotional aspect, especially noticeable in vocal performances. It has a very seductive sound. However, its sharpness, speed, and resolution might feel slightly lower than LP01.

LP03, on the other hand, takes the distinct characteristics of LP02 even further, with stronger bass and an abundance of resonance, particularly in the mid to low frequencies. The sound feels closer and the soundstage is somewhat narrower. Nonetheless, the mellow and thick sound carries an analog-like quality, making it highly distinctive.

Please refer to the following chart for a clearer understanding (click to enlarge).

In particular, LP02 and LP03 offer thick and distinctive sounds, so if you prefer a tight and modern sound, you might want to choose LP01 or LOAK2. Additionally, in comparison to LOAK2, concerning aspects other than sound quality, LOAK2, which is machined, excels as a product in terms of build quality. PROTOTYPE does not present any issues in use; however, as the name suggests, it is also a challenging product with the nature of a prototype, so considering this aspect is important when deciding which model to choose.

For a more detailed explanation of each individual model, please see the following blog post.


Notification of Delay in Delivery of LOAK2 and LOAK-PROTOTYPE Earphones.

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