About 634EARS )

Earphones made by hand, one by one.

634EARS is a brand that was born out of my hobby of DIY earphones.

One of 634EARS’ specialties is to make earphones one by one by hand, accumulating know-how through repeated trial and error.

Dynamic drivers for music.

At 634EARS, we mainly make earphones with dynamic drivers. We try to create a sound that allows people to enjoy “music” rather than listening to sound analytically.

In the development and production of earphones, there is very little information on the know-how of dynamic-type drivers, but on the other hand, there is also the pleasure of building up the know-how through repeated experiments and trial-and-error by myself.
I use dynamic drivers because I feel that this is the “the best part of of making earphones by myself”.

Enjoy the Difference, Enjoy the Unknown.

Many 634EARS earphones models use “wood”.

The variety of woods and the resulting differences in sound, as well as the appealing appearance of the individual characteristics of each wood, have made wood earphone housings an indispensable part of 634EARS earphones.

Since wood has individual differences, We cannot be 100% sure of the sound until the selected wood is shaved and the earphones are made. This can be viewed positively or negatively, but the ability to create this one-of-a-kind special item is very appealing.

Interest in choosing wood.

Since 634EARS uses wood as one of the elements of sound production, the sound is not determined solely by the type of wood used for this housing, but even so, earphones made by selecting the wood yourself have a special charm that is not found anywhere else.

I also enjoy creating earphones, imagining the sound of the wood, which is not known until after completion, and the intention and process of the customer’s choice of wood.

It is also enjoyable when the earphones sound exactly as I imagined when they were completed, and when they sound different from what I expected, one of the pleasures is to explore the factors and causes and learn new aspects of the wood and its tuning.

In reality, earphones are for listening to music and enjoying sound, but the process of selecting the wood itself is also filled with many kinds of enjoyment.

I hope you will enjoy this part of the process as well.

Let’s enjoy it together.

Recently, there are many types of earphones, including wireless types without cables and low-priced ones with high sound quality and high quality.

In such a situation, “earphones made of wood or metal and handmade one by one” are not necessary for many people.

However, the enjoyment of listening to our favorite music with our favorite earphones is a very rich time.

Everyone has his or her own way of enjoying music and his or her own tastes, and everyone has his or her own way of enjoying portable audio and his or her own sense of value.

634EARS is basically created in pursuit of the sound I like for my own enjoyment, but if anyone is interested in the product and its contents, including its path and process, I would be happy to share the enjoyment with you.

As for the origin of the brand name, my name is “Musashi” and its Japanese reading in numerals is “634”. 634EARS is pronounced “rokusan-yon-ears” in Japanese.

634EARS  ムサシ