10mm dynamic type driver x 1.
Front & body enclosure: Aluminum (anodized)
Rear enclosure: various types of wood, stainless steel, brass, copper.

  • MIROAK (Aluminum + Wood)
  • MIROAK-S (Aluminum + Stainless steel)
  • MIROAK-B (Aluminum + Brass)
  • MIROAK-C (Aluminum + Copper)


MIROAK 57,800 JPY (Shipping few will be added for overseas shipping.) 

*Delivery time for metal-colored models from Momentum Factory Orii may take one to two months longer than usual.

These earphones can be considered an aluminum version of LOAK, but with a new housing design and diaphragm material.
The new earphones feature a one-piece aluminum body, a simple straight design, drivers positioned close to the ear, a wide selection of rear materials, and so on.
The sound is also light and easy to listen to, which is only possible with an aluminum housing. The design also provides excellent sound insulation and sound leakage.

*iThe brass and copper of the rear housing are also available colored by the traditional techniques of “Momentum Factory Orii”.
 → Momentum factory Orii.
 → Brass and copper coloring by momentum factory Orii.

4 Backplate types)

There are four types of backplates for the rear enclosure.
Each has a slightly different sound.

This model uses wood for the rear enclosure. As with the LOAK and other models, the model is made from your choice of dozens of types of wood.
The sound varies slightly depending on the specific gravity, hardness, oil content, and many other factors. The warm sound and individuality that only wood can produce are appealing.
*Only the wood type has small air holes on the surface of the wood.

Stainless steel)
This model uses stainless steel for the rear housing.
The very hard and heavy stainless steel produces a strong sound with high contrast and edges. It is characterized by a tight, core bass and bright, sharp highs.

This model uses brass for the rear housing.
There are three types of brass to choose from: NORMAL, GREEN, and ANTIQUE SILVER.
It has a milder sound than stainless steel, but features a saturated and gorgeous mid to high range and a low center of gravity.

This model uses copper for the rear housing.
There are three types of copper to choose from: BLUE, COPPER RED, and COPPER PINK.
The tone is even milder and gentler than brass. It has a thicker sound with more resonance in the lower bandwidth than brass. Although it is made of metal, it features an easy-to-hear sound.

→ Brass and Copper Coloring by Momentum Factory Orii.

Sound Characteristics)

  • Light, easy-to-hear sound from the aluminum housing.
  • The bass sound is enveloping.
  • Calm and gentle tone than LOAK.

MIROAK is very easy to listen to because it does not have as strong a sound profile as LOAK. LOAK has a strong sound due to its stainless steel enclosure for a clear and distinct sound, while MIROAK seeks a milder sound, but still maintains its delicacy.


Produced with MMCX cable connection and disconnection.
Standard cable included(3.5mm)
Engraving is a logo mark on the right side of the housing.


Standard cable.
Earphone case.
Ear tips (S.M.L).
Others (sticker, simple manual, drawstring bag with logo, etc.)

Click here for other models and multiple orders.
If you live in Japan, please fill out the order form in Japanese.

9iNE User’s Manual


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