7mm dynamic driver x 1.
Front & body enclosure: stainless steel (blackening).
Rear enclosure: various types of wood, stainless steel, brass, copper.

  • 9iNE (Stainless steel + wood)
  • 9iNE-S (Stainless steel + Stainless steel)
  • 9iNE-B (Stainless steel + brass)
  • 9iNE-C (Stainless steel + copper)


9iNE 37,800 JPY (Shipping few will be added for overseas shipping.) 

*Delivery time for metal-colored models from Momentum Factory Orii may take one to two months longer than usual.

The D-type driver is placed as close as 3.5 mm from the nozzle tip. It expresses delicate and detailed sound with less sound loss, and features smart highs and rich bass.

*The stainless steel housing is blackening with “Gen” stainless steel by “株式会社テ―エム”.
 → GEN brand page.
 → What is “GEN” stainless steel blackening?

*iThe brass and copper of the rear housing are also available colored by the traditional techniques of “Momentum Factory Orii”.
 → Momentum factory Orii.
 → Brass and copper coloring by momentum factory Orii.

4 Backplate types)

There are four types of backplates for the rear enclosure.
Each has a slightly different sound.

The sound is made from your choice of dozens of types of wood. The sound changes slightly depending on various factors such as specific gravity, hardness, and oil content of the wood. The sound and grain characteristics that only wood can produce are appealing.
*The base tuning is made of rosewood (Indian rosewood or Ching-chan).

Stainless steel)
Among the four models, only the stainless steel has a very different sound. The line of sound is very thin and sharp, with sharp highs and slim mids and lows. The mid-range is subdued and the sound has a little distance to it.

There are three types of brass to choose from: NORMAL, GREEN, and ANTIQUE SILVER. The tuning is the same as the wood model, but brass has a deeper and heavier sound.

Copper is available in three types: BLUE, COPPER RED, and COPPER PINK. The tone is milder and gentler than brass. The high frequency range is subdued and the mid and low frequency range is thick.

→ Brass and Copper Coloring by Momentum Factory Orii.

Sound Characteristics)

  • Delicate and detailed sound that only a small driver can produce.
  • Slim mid-high range.
  • Very rich low frequency range.

The 9iNE is characterized by a delicate high frequency range based on a thick low frequency range that does not resemble that of a small driver.
9iNE (wood), 9iNE-B, and 9iNE-C are relatively warm and well-balanced, while 9iNE-S is sharp and has a strong and weak sound. There are differences in sound depending on the material.

*S=9iNE-S. There are differences in sound between models.
For a more detailed explanation, please click here.


Produced with MMCX cable connection and disconnection.
Standard cable included(3.5mm)
Engraving is a logo mark on the right side of the housing.


Standard cable.
Earphone case.
Ear tips (S.M.L).
Others (sticker, simple manual, drawstring bag with logo, etc.)

Click here for other models and multiple orders.
If you live in Japan, please fill out the order form in Japanese.

Please refer to the following blog post for 9iNE wood type wood selection.

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